Cross-Examination of Direct Testimony – In this assignment, you will prepare for cross-examination in a courtroom setting. Remember that because the cross-examination cannot typically go beyond the material covered in the direct examination, it should be quite predictable. Complete the following:
Develop a series of 810 questions that you would expect during cross-examination. Each should be followed by a brief explanation of why you believe they effectively challenge your own direct testimony. To do so, you should imagine what questions one might ask while representing the opinion opposite to your own.
The following topics must be represented in your questions:

Methodologies used, including whether others were better suited.
Possible contradictions between the original report data, and conclusions and opinions drawn.
Logical inconsistencies or vagueness of language in your direct testimony.
Limitations of the report data.

Formatting: Number and bold face your questions.
Length: 5-7 double spaced pages.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 points.

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