-Need help with my psychology discussion. -Pick a movie from the link provided https://www.imdb.com/list/ls058587866/ and follow the directions below-Please answer everything detailed, and asked for.This week’s discussion board is different from previous ones. Please watch from this selection of movies listed on this page (Links to an external site.) , and answer the following questions:1. Provide a short summary of the film ( 8-10 sentences)2. What psychological disorder does the main character exhibit? Provide 3 examples of illustrated symptoms shown in the film and relate it directly back to the diagnosis criteria in the DSM 5. (3 paragraph minimum)3. What treatments are provided for the main character? Provide information of those treatments and their efficacy. If none, please provide information on at least two possible treatment options and their efficacy for that specific disorder. Cite your sources! (2 paragraph minimum)4. Provide a paragraph (5-7 sentences) personal reflection of the film and what you learned about the particular disorder in the movie.

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