Kindly go through the attached file and answer the questions in a well detailed and simplify way. Please reference appropriately.
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Question 1
How is the role of a Project Management Office (PMO) different in an agile environment?
Provide a concise answer with support.
Question 2
Why is it more difficult to implement an agile development approach in a company that has a
project-oriented business model, and what is the potential impact of having a misalignment of
different levels of management in an agile implementation? Provide a concise answer with
Question 3
What are some of the challenges associated with distributed and/or virtual team and how could
you go about resolving them to complete an agile project? Provide concise questions and support
for your answer.
Question 4
You are a travel agent for a family of 4 (dad, mom, 2 kids (8 – boy, 6 -girl) that are going on a
trip to Europe (Italy, France, Amsterdam and the UK) during the week of Christmas, Also point
of note the family has a pet dog, Lucky as well. Create the following artifacts for their trip using
a agile approach to get them to their vacation and back home.
Notes for your Agile planning:

Create Product Backlog (must have at least 20 items)
Sprint (1-6) which includes story points and their designation
User Stories for your Sprint tasks for your Sprints 1 – 2
Burndown chart for all Sprints (identifiable by week)
You must have at least 20 items in your product backlog.
Assume the family will accept the Sprints at the following rates:
1. Sprint 0 – Planning Sprint all items accepted
2. Sprint 1 – 25% of items accepted
3. Sprint 2 – 50% of items accepted
4. Sprint 3 – 25% of items accepted
5. Sprint 4 – 25% of all remaining items accepted
6. Sprint 5 – 25% of all remaining items accepted
7. Sprint 6 – 100% of all remaining items accepted
Use Excel for the submission of all your information – using a separate tab for each in one Excel
workbook. If there are any assumptions, please also place them in a separate Excel tab. I will not
assume anything unless it is written.
Tab 1, project backlog, Tab 2, User Stories, Tab 3 burndown chart

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