Nintendo’s recent product launches of the Nintendo DS and the Wii have achieved phenomenal results. As senior vice president of marketing, you have overseen the company’s reemergence as the leading video game console maker in the United States. As a result, you have been asked to speak with a group of business leaders about Nintendo’s successful business strategy.You’ve decided to structure your presentation with the following content:Competitive Rivalry in the Videogame Industry – Use the five forces model of competition and competitor analysis to stage Nintendo’s strategic approach.Company Capabilities – Describe the role of internal resources in selecting and supporting the implementation of the company’s business strategy.Strategic Compatibility – Discuss the ways that Nintendo’s business strategy is appropriate for the company’s current internal and external environmental conditions.Innovation – Evaluate Nintendo’s use of innovation as a means of market entry and market creation.Lessons Learned – Discuss problems that Nintendo encountered in executing its strategy and how to overcome implementation obstacles.
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