KelseyIf I was a police officer and I was tasked to develop a plan to increase
police-community cooperation I would make the Drug Abuse Resistance
Program (DARE) and Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT) my top
priorities. The reason for this is because if you build a healthy,
trustworthy, and honest relationship with children you could build a
stronger future of cooperation when they get older which may also
influence their future children positively. It’s easier to influence,
motivate, and teach children to cooperate with the police through these
programs. In the DARE program, police officers teach children about the
dangers of drug abuse, building self-esteem, building
self-confidence, managing youthful stress, redirecting behavior to
viable alternatives, and viewing police officers as positive role
models. The GREAT program provides kids valuable information about gang
violence, youth violence, etc. I always believed to make the world a
better place, it should start with the children by helping, teaching,
motivating, and influencing them to do the right thing in life.
Overall, all of the programs stated in our text are important to police
and the communities by helping increase cooperation.CarlyIf I were a detective in a mid-sized
department, I would focus mainly on strengthening the bond between
young citizens and police officers. High school and college-age people
are the next generation to be entering the workforce, and students who
have a passion to help people may be interested in a career as a police
officer or in another branch of law enforcement. As someone who came
into the criminal justice minor at RMU with almost no information about
the system, I could have benefited from a little bit of background from
someone who lives the job every day. If this bond between the young
people and the officers of the surrounding neighborhoods grows stronger,
young adults are more likely to stay out of trouble. If they find their
passion for law enforcement, that is an added bonus. Citations: “Police and teen program” (2019). StreetLawInc.. Retrieved from

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