Module 7 AssignmentAssignment DocumentsMarcus Aurelius’s Meditations Instructions for this AssignmentUsing Microsoft Word, write a response paper that addresses the following:Hundreds of leaders through the centuries have sought wisdom from Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations. In this text, the emperor articulates his philosophical beliefs (Stoicism) and how they have been realized in his life and work. Stoicism teaches discipline to control destructive emotions, and so it is a useful lens to see how one might balance structure and passion in one’s career. This week, you will write your own meditation on the best lessons in balance you have learned in your own life. Like Marcus Aurelius, name those who have taught you lessons, and think about how you might.Paper Requirements:Choose three to five lessons about balance that you have learned in your life, identify the people who taught them to you, and articulate the ways in which those lessons have helped (or will help you, if you haven’t considered them in this way as yet) you succeed as a leader.Submission FormatYour paper should be double-spaced and include a centered title. Any sources used should be properly cited in APA format.
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