Instructions: This week, we are learning about waste management practices and technology. In Task 5, you will focus on food waste and organics recycling.Please view the following videos, then answer the questions that follow the videos in Word Document with 2 to 3 sentences per question. You may have to engage in some minor internet/outside resource research, but it is not absolutely required.Videos:Why does almost half of America’s food go to waste?Play VideoFood Waste Solutions in South KoreaPlay VideoRecycling Food WastePlay VideoMichelin-Star Restaurant Recycles it’s Food WastePlay Video
Where Does New York City’s Trash Go?Play VideoQuestions to Answer:In a Word Document, please answer the following questions with about 2 to 3 sentences per question.1. Why is so much food being wasted in America and elsewhere, even before it is sold to consumers?2. What solutions from South Korea do you think would or would not work in the United States?3. Would you change anything from South Korea’s food waste solutions to improve them?4. Other than small garden composting, what are the two ways that food waste can be recycled on an industrial scale?5.In what ways do you think a restaurant could benefit from participating in an organics collection program rather than sending all of its food scraps and waste to the landfill with other trash?6. What does New York City do with all it’s trash?7. Would you participate or do you participate in an organics collection program where you live?8. After watching these videos and completing this task, do you think that you will be more mindful or aware of the impact wasted food has?

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