it should be around 15 pages long double spaced, the goal is to connect OB to life and class, and I will post powerpoint and also specific instructions later, and the portfolio need introduction about myself.
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Journal Portfolio Guidelines
Creating connections between life and OB
Journal Portfolio

First, it will consist of small assignments, like describing your
job and linking it to a relevant framework, describing a book
that helps me learn where you are from and other things I
may assign…
Secondly, you should include the results of any of the
exercises and assessments that we do in the class. It is
particularly important to do the Learning about yourself
exercise that accompanies each chapter. While I do not
expect you to reflect deeply about each exercise, it is
worthwhile for you to briefly outline your thoughts on the
results and what you might gain from this knowledge. Not
every exercise need be included in the journal, but you
should be able to present a portfolio that captures
knowledge about yourself, and some of these exercises
should display an authentic attempt at reflection.
• Where are you from?
• Tell me why you recommended the book that would help me understand where you are from
• OB and you
• Creative connections. Are there things that make you think of OB concepts, for some students
there are tv shows and songs. Not required necessarily, but can be fun
• Reflection on Assessments/Exercises
• Other connections between your life and OB. For example a description of a job experience that
links to an OB concept (mini case).
• OB and the world
• 3 short articles summaries connecting OB to a news story or article about an event
• As it is personal you have some freedom in formatting (i.e. not overly concerned about APA)
Assessments and exercises
Assessments and exercise
• In class we will do a number of exercises each of these provides an opportunity to reflect on how
the material in the course relates to your experience
• The textbook and the slides associated with the text book have a number of assessments and
learning about your self exercises. Each of these provide an opportunity to learn about yourself
and your interaction with others.
• There is no real minimum or maximum for this. You could do technically do all them, and do so in
a manner the exercise has no value, or you could do one and have it be of tremendous value.
• You might do many small multiple write ups, or you may do one bigger one.
• ~ 5 Assessments and/or exercises is probably the minimum (though these would have to be well
• It is important that the Assessments are completed, but you are free to discuss exercises
I see OB everywhere…
Article summary
• Briefly summarize and connect material from the course to articles dealing with course concepts. This
summary does not have to be extensive and I would expect the total number of sentences to be
between ~5 and 10. A couple of sentences describing what the article is about, a couple of sentences
that connect the material to the article, and a concluding sentence. You may reference more than one
concepts, and certainly some concepts may need more explanation.
• You should do at least three articles, one should relate to a chapter from the first part of the course,
one should related to a chapter from the second part of the course, and one can relate to the case you
are preparing as part of a group.
• Doing so effectively does a number of things, first it provides a way to study the material, second it helps
you use material to make sense of events, third it forces you to engage with current events.
• Ideally you find an interesting article and make a clear connection, when this is done effectively it is
something that could be used in class as an interesting example of for discussion.
• Please have a copy of the article in the appendix.
Good sources of articles
• The guardian
• Vanity Fair
• Globe and mail
• The economist
• Fortune
• Harper’s
• Fast Company
• The library
• Wired
• Documentaries
• The Walrus
• Forbes
• MacLean’s
• Adweek
• Maissoneuve
• Inc
• Adbusters
• Entrepreneur
Examples of Articles

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