Name of the play: A Christmas Carol, the Musical1. Write one or two paragraphs that summarize the plot of the play.2. When was the play written? If dates aren’t given in the playbill, make an educated guess and explain your reasoning.3. For what kind of space and audience was this piece originally intended? What leads you to this conclusion?4. Consider the set. Is it realistic? Surrealistic? Abstract? How does this contribute to (or detract from) the overall impact? Be specific. Why do you think the director chose this type of set?5. Consider the lighting. How is the lighting used to increase the impact? Are colors used? To what effect?6. Consider sounds music, singing, sound effects. How is sound used? To what effect?7. Consider the costumes. Did they suit the time period and location?8. What character was most developed and how was this accomplished? Did you prefer this character over the others, why or why not?9. Visually describe the overall style and impact of the production. How does the visual impact reinforce or weaken the theme of the production?10. Why did you select this type of production and how was it different from other theater productions you have seen in the past.11. Describe the emotions you felt and the thoughts you experienced during the work or in retrospect.

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