must have a full page report on very thing please use words that go a long with sports are some of the thing i came up with please use all information as a guide and add to it .the finding could be made up as you see fit because u did not work with the athletes. Sprinting is the optimal sport in developing young runners. The reason I selected sprint training for children ages 7-9 is because I believe introducing children to exercising at a young age helps develop better motor skills and motor development and helps them create good healthy habits that can last a lifetime. The areas I would focus on would be different movements and constraints that hinder the runner from reaching their full potential. The key components that would be of major focus throughout the training period would be the following: high knees, arm swings, ground strikes, push starts, degrees of movements, head position, trunk position and the hip position. The measurement tools that would be implemented would be the use of a stop watch, XR iPhone, measuring tape, cones and I as the trainer would use my expertise to constructively criticize the runner and promote excellency.I would also be using various sprints tests such as maximal velocity tests by Carl Valle which breaks the run down in different phases which will be measured every ten meters to see if the runner is either increasing or decreasing in speed. Resistance bands will be used to implement form and strength. I would gather my information from the motor skills textbook, high school track coach, different track runners’ reputable internet site, YouTube videos and scholarly journals that focus on sprint training techniques.

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