It’s about 2 articles and 2 documentaries. I have already provide the summaries of the documentary and the short articles. Just give the general thoughts for each question. For the second part, don’t be stressful, just choose a general gender topic and answer the question by 3 or 4 sentences.
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Two articles

Hookups, sex, and relationships at college
Two documentary summaries
Katie Couric Gender Revolution
miss representation

Miss Representation

For the two article and two documentaries, answer these questions(4-6sentenses)
What was the documentary or article about?
In conclusion give your own view of article/documentary and how it relates to today’s society.
(1) Chose a Gender Topic of interest
(2) List three issues that you feel need to be changed or addressed
(3) Explain how you would address the three issues to get addressed/change.

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