no matching ratioSecond page should be Assignment question.After the question page, present your answer by clean and neat layout. Assignment should be submitted as word file like ID.NO- MGT-211 STUDENT NAME. [only CAPITAL LETTERS]
Unformatted Attachment Preview

Instruction to search the Article:
Via your student services page, log in to the Saudi Digital
After your login with your student ID, search for the following
“Gauging the unique developmental strategies towards human resource at Saudi
Aramco” By: Alexander, Asha. Human Resource Development
International. Apr2018, Vol. 21 Issue 2, p150-157.
Download the article, read it carefully and answer the following questions in
your own words.

Assignment Questions:
1- Highlight the major Training and skill Development
Programmes initiated by Saudi Aramco for Human Resource
2- Describe Human Resource Strategies of Saudi Aramco.
3- As per the article “Saudi Arabia is facing several challenges
in its economy and human resource development (HRD)
programmes” What are those main challenges? Identify them
and also give your own suggestions to combat these challenges.
Instructions for the students:
1. First page of the assignment should be filled with

Course Code [MGT-211] and Course Title [ HR Management] and CRNStudent Name and ID.Number
Date of Submission
2. Second page should be Assignment question.
3. After the question page, present your answer by clean and
neat layout.
4. Assignment should be submitted as word file like ID.NOMGT-211 STUDENT NAME. [only CAPITAL LETTERS]
[Example.] 140158361-MGT-211 A-3 BANDER A ALGARNI
Due date : Nov 30 , 2019

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