MT, age 16, is a high school junior who is 59.3 inches tall and weighs 126 pounds. He is having increased feelings of discomfort about not fitting in with the other students at school because he has not begun sexual maturation/ He is a good student and an accomplished violinist in the school orchestra. His father states that he also was a “late bloomer” but both parents are concerned about MT’s increasing social withdrawal and seems determined to seek medical attention for him. The nurse at the clinic assesses the needs and status of MT and his parents.1. What is the parent’e primary complaint?2. What is concerning MT’s parents3. What information must be included in the history and physical examination?4. What education should the nurse prepare before the parents decide whether to start their son on androgen therapy? The decision is made to prescribed testosterone 39 mg every 12 hours by buccal tablets. MT will be on this regime four month during which time he will be followed at the clinic monthly,5. MT ask why he will he will be treated for four month? what will the nurse reply?6. About what adverse effects do MT and his parents need to be educated

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