Technology has had a major impact on supply chains as a facilitator of change as companies have transformed their processes. Individuals and organizations are “connected” 24/7 and have access to information on the same basis via the Internet. Search engines, such as Google, Bing, and others, have made it possible to gather timely information quickly. As mentioned the textbook, some individuals have argued that another relevant mantra for businesses in the twenty-first century is “Twitter and tweet or retreat.” Many companies see opportunities to “data mine” for improved forecasting and marketing (Langley, Novack, & Gibson, 2021).
Based on your research, the information provided, along with primary and suggested readings, address the following in your primary, original posting:
Why is digital information important in supply chains?What are the challenges to the successful development and implementation of effective information?What is the role of technology and information management in SCM and logistics?*****Please contain at lease two appropriate and correct in-text citation*******

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