Need help with an essay. Have the Intro done. Essay guidelines: • 10 typed, double-spaced pages (not including the title page and bibliography)
(= 2500 words, assuming 250–275 words per page) • 1 to 1½-inch margins (please, no enormous gaps between paragraphs!) • a separate title page
(provide the word count of the essay [minus title page and bibliography] on the title page) • separate bibliography page(s) (i.e., start your bibliography on a new page)
– numbered pages (not including the title page and bibliography, if possible) A minimum of seven secondary sources (books, journal articles, encyclopedia articles,
1 etc.2
) is required.
Of all of your sources (seven or more), only three Internet sources will be accepted in the bibliography
(note that sources accessed through electronic databases don’t constitute Internet sources). For Internet
sources, you must provide the full bibliographic details of the source and the day it was accessed. Just need someone to help with body paragraphs and creating arguments surrounding the conflict in northern Ireland. -Want to talk about the conflict in the past (historical context) and what present day Northern Irish conflict looks like now. Must be central on Protestant and Catholic conflict.

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