Literary Analysis EssayYou will construct a Literary Analysis essay that assesses the skills of:· Ability to synthesize history and literature in a thoughtful way·Ability to discuss various genres and specific pieces we have studied in a formal essay·Development of a thesis statement·Text support, commentary and analysis that is unique and insightful·Essay organization·Grammar and mechanics for a formal essay·Proper MLA format·Proper embedded citations for the works we have read in class (No Works Cited page is required)-must have a minimum of 2 quotes in each body paragraphI have attached slides/readings that we have read and that you can refer to for context and details!!!!We have discussed the Anglo Saxon Period: (these are the books we’ve read)The Seafarer by Ezra PoundThe Wife’s Lament by anonymous author (translated by Ann Stanford)Beowulf by anonymous author (translated by Burton Raffel)We have discussed the Middle Ages:(these are the books we’ve read):The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey ChaucerWe have discussed the Renaissance period: (these are the books we’ve read):Macbeth by ShakespearePage count does not matter! Just make sure it is 5 paragraphs-1 intro, 3 body, conclusion!!

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