Length: 6-8 pages Format: APA format You are tasked with writing an evaluation on behalf of Kalief Browder for his civil proceedings against the state of New York.You will be making assessment of his post-traumatic stress and providing recommendations in your expert opinion. Please review the written article about Kalief Browder in blackboard for more information on Kalief. Your evaluation should use the following subheadings. Introduction and Purpose: Indicate that you have been retained by Kalief Browder and his legal team to assess his symptoms of post-traumatic stress and provide recommendations. History: Please give as thorough a history of Kalief as you can from in class material and online article on blackboard. This is basically his life story. Here you simply state events and circumstances not psychological symptoms. This history should include birth up to his release from Rikers Island. Please make sure you include family history, education history, and important interpersonal relationships. Psychological Symptoms: In this section please describe psychological symptoms Kalief displayed before, during and after his imprisonment in Rikers. Feel free to connect these symptoms to the history described above. Please use Kalief’s own words in “” when possible. Please use collateral informants ( mother, siblings, community members) own words in “” when possible. DO NOT USE DIAGNOSTIC LANGUAGE Strengths and Resilience: Here clearly state Kalief’s strengths and factors for resilience. Definition of Traumatic Stress and Case Conceptualization: Here define what you mean by traumatic stress and clearly explain if you feel Kalief suffers from post-traumatic stress and how this connects to his psychological symptoms mentioned above. DO NOT USE DIAGNOSTIC LANGAUGE. Recommendations: This section should include a lengthy list of recommendations for Kalief. These should be holistic and cross several sections of Kalief’s life and involve multiple social systems. Be creative and think about what’s best for Kalief based on his suffering.Attached is an article that could help. This paper should be more opinionated. Use the layout above to write paperhttps://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2014/10/06/before-the-law

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