More and more, however, especially for the info systems related to this class, there’s a backchannel. They talk to you, you talk back to them. Sometimes there is no “them” for you to talk to; you don’t talk to Facebook, you talk to your friends, your social network.In a dyadic conversation, two people speak, listen, and respond. It’s what we naturally think of when we think of a conversation. This is perhaps the most powerful form of conversation; active listening and responding between two people is fundamental to human communication.Before writing, this kind of conversation could only happen synchronously (face-to-face and in real-time). Today, we have lots of ways to do remote real-time dyadic conversations (live chat by text, audio, or video).In a broadcast conversation someone speaks, many people listen, and a few might respond (like our videos).Broadcast conversations can be synchronous or asynchronous.A conversation can now be narrowcast, meaning that one person speaks, but the message they give is customized to different audiences. Personalization is where the message is customized to each individual (in other words, each audience has only one member).On Twitter, a retweet is a conversational repeat where a user passes your message (tweet) into another conversation.Evgeny Morozov uses the term Net Delusion to argues that we are naive to think that the internet is only good. We should expect that repressive government will at some point get the upper hand again over activists.The dictator’s dilemma states that countries need their people to have phones and other electronics to make economic vitality possible; but by so doing they also hand people the ability to plot more effectively against them.InstructionsBy now you should be pretty familiar with the vocab words of this module. So, you should be able to use them properly and creativelyRead over the vocabulary words one more timeCompose and type in a story that shows you really understand each of the wordsBe creative but be sure what you type shows you understand (not just can type) the wordsUse all the vocabulary wordsType them exactly as they are typed above (same pluralization, capitalization, tense, etc.)

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