My discourse community is north-east asia forum on lonely planetHand in a complete version of your paper here. I will be commenting on this version. The first page of this paper should be a Letter to Me (Cover Letter) where you answer the following:- What are the strengths of this paper? What do you think went well? Why?- What needs more work in this paper? Why?- Is there anything specific you would like me to comment on/look for? Why? – Is there anything else I should know before I read your paper?The final portion of this project is an academic paper that delivers your research to your audience. This paper should describe the discourse community, take a stance on how the discourse community functions, and use research to back up and support your stance.Contract Grading Guidelines: Must have a clear argument and support. Must be 2,000-2,500 words on double-spaced pages (roughly 8 pages double-spaced)Must be in APA Format: Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, with 1 inch margins include a cover page, abstract, etc. Must include in-text citations and a references section in APA formatYou must include at least 4+ secondary sourcesAt least 2 of your 4+ plus secondary sources must be peer-reviewed scholarly sourcesAll 4+ of your sources should be at least somewhat current Must include 1 form of primary research with citations.

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