Need Executive briefing presentation:Three- to four-slide visual presentation for business executives and board members.Your task is to recommend a system that best meets the business functionality and security requirements of the company. As part of that recommendation, you will also prepare a set of high-level executive briefing slides to give the CEO and CIO an overview of your study.
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Proposal for Secure videoconferencing
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Executive Summary
This report outlines critical aspects to be considered when a media company is considering to put
in place video conferencing. This is to help them to conduct their day to day activities
conveniently and appropriately. Just to mention, video conferencing will help the company to
carry out online meetings and conferences. As such, all parties participating in any role in the
company will be able to attend and participate in the meetings, seminars, and conferences
without making any physical appearances. However, reasons for absence can be sickness or even
official duty. In spite of the geographical location, one will be able to attend and give personal
views and opinion concerning the company.
The report suggests some of the video conferencing tools and techniques like Cisco Webex,
Skype, and GoToMeeting as the key tools which can be used to offer excellent video
conferencing services. Due to the inherent challenges existing in the technological spectrum, the
report also outlines how some of these challenges can be controlled to initiate smooth running of
services in the company. Some of the key challenges facing video conferencing, as discussed in
the report include remote access to most of the video conferences. As such, malicious online
users are able to gain access to the significant information of the company.
Furthermore, this report provides measures which can be used to combat vulnerabilities which
are evident in the technological spectrum. For instance; the report outlines the application of
128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protection and the use of single sign-on SSO for
authentication purposes. This helps the company to carry out its services and activities smoothly
and conveniently. Importantly, all the information and activities taking place during video
conferencing remains confidential and secure to the users.
Proposal for Secure videoconferencing
The incorporation of videoconferencing at Walt Disney media company is essential and
convenient to the management and all the employees in general. During impromptu meetings, all
the parties and the actively participate and voice their opinions using videoconferencing. Through
this proposal, the company will settle on the most appropriate videoconferencing technique that
will help it to carry out its urgent meetings. The key video conferencing techniques include the use
of Skype, Cisco Webex, and GoToMeeting (Laratta & Mekongo, 2015). After that, the most
efficient videoconferencing technique will be applied to the company to run the activities
mentioned above. Importantly, the security cybersecurity rationales of the company will be upheld
with the utmost integrity to avoid unnecessary attacks from the company that may lead to a service
disruption in one way or the other.
Pros and cons of videoconferencing
videoconferencing techniques that can be used internationally. Therefore, the company employees,
management, shareholders, and other parties can conduct a smooth conversation in spite of their
geographical location. This makes it easy for them to run the company without a physical
appearance. Furthermore, running other managerial activities in the company has been easy and
convenient (Khlif, etl., 2017). Unfortunately, videoconferencing can be compromised in a manner
that malicious online users can tap the program and access the information the parties are having
as a conversation. As such, the company will end up exposing many secrets and working
techniques that can be exploited by malicious online users.
Functional Requirements
Implementing Skype, Cisco Webex, and GoToMeeting is tedious and cost-intensive. This
is because the company is required to purchase modernized technological devices that will be used
to conduct video conferencing activities. Unfortunately, most videoconferencing technological
devices expensive are expensive to obtain from the market. Furthermore, companies that offer the
services are minimal and charge highly for the services. As such, the company gets difficulties on
what to settle on because it’s also supposed to make significant returns in the market.
Video conferencing solution I
Cisco Webex provides services that support video conferencing and screen sharing as the
key features of its videoconferencing services. As such, through the service, the company will be
able to conduct an active online meeting that will be productive. Members will participate with
one another by seeing each other. Hence, this will enable them to concentrate and be active while
the conference is going on. Unfortunately, this videoconferencing technique is expensive and
requires a significant amount of funds for it to be installed. Its services are strongly protected from
cyber threats and other online attacks, making it more reliable. However, these services can be
slow at times, depending on the geographical location and the type of internet.
Video conferencing solution II
On the other hand, GoToMeeting is the other videoconferencing tool that has proliferated
the technological spectrum to a very great extent. Like the Cisco Webex, this service also supports
videoconferencing and enhanced screen shares that can make it easier for them to conduct online
meetings and video seminars (Laratta & Mekongo, 2015). The enhanced services provide quality
services that are not easily compromised by malicious online users. GoToMeeting
videoconferencing technique is essential to the organization as it entails critical services that
improve clarity and sound services. This makes it easier for users to see, hear, and understand one
another while conducting online meetings.
Video conferencing solution III
Skype, which is also another significant videoconferencing tool, helps in making calls
internationally. Skype has largely invested in a technology that offers quality and outstanding
international calls. In circumstances where parties who are supposed to be involved in a
conversation or meeting and they are not together, they can use Skype to engage in a call if the
circumstances they will be in will not support the videoconferencing. Therefore, Skype is a key
technological advancement in the field of videoconferencing that enables the users to have a
convenient conversation in times when videoconferencing is not appropriate.
Out of the three video conferencing tools, Cisco Webex can be a leading enterprise solution
that will enhance services at the media company. This is because the service entails
videoconferencing, screen share, web conferencing, online meetings, and cloud call. Just to
mention, Cisco Webex service entails all the services offered by all the other videoconferencing
tools like Skype and GoToMeeting. As such, services from Cisco Webex will help the organization
to cut down unnecessary expenses for hiring services offered by the other companies. Importantly,
Cisco Webex is an established multinational technology company that is equipped with
uncompromised technological solutions to many business enterprises across the world.
Implementation challenges
Implementing Skype, Cisco Webex, and GoToMeeting can be cost-intensive for the
organization. Furthermore, during the implementation process, the company will undergo a series
of transformations and changes. These changes are connected to the success and development of
the organization in one way or the other. Importantly, the changes are made to ensure that the
services offered in the process of videoconferencing are making every aspect of the organization
effective and reliable to the company. The renowned media company plays a key role in providing
news and information to society, which is transparent and accurate. Therefore, the company is
committed to traverse the various sections of the world to make sure that people obtain the right
and appropriate information in real-time.
One of the key changes and transformations that can place in the company is the
rearrangement of the technical team. The technical team entails the secure internet network,
infrastructure team. Their key role is to ensure that all the communication processes are going
smoothly and appropriately (Hromi etl., 2015). Furthermore, the security team will be at the
forefront to monitor the network traffic to ensure the security of the protocols is maintained. Due
to the continued cybersecurity attacks, it’s significant for the company to have in place succinct
measures that can help in reducing such attacks. As such, the company will continue delivering
quality and outstanding services to its customers. Importantly, the company will run its day to day
activities smoothly and efficiently. This will help them to flourish to blossoming levels in the
market spectrum.
Vendor risks
Vulnerabilities and Exploits
Skype, Cisco Webex, and GoToMeeting videoconferencing tools are faced with a myriad
of internet vulnerabilities. Starting with Skype, malicious online users tap and listen to some of
the critical online international calls, which can help them to gain in one way or the other. The
hacker and other malicious online users are able to compromise Skype because of its weak security
system. Just to mention, they don’t have any stringent security measures that can help in mitigating
the unnecessary access to the international critical calls made using their services. This will risk
the services and other key operations offered by the company.
Furthermore, Cisco Webex and GoToMeeting videoconferencing tools can suffer similar
vulnerability challenges. The video conferences can be accessed remotely by malicious online
users who are keen on tapping information from the media company. While using a
videoconferencing tool, the service provider doesn’t provide strong authentication procedures.
Therefore, it becomes easier for malicious online users to gain access to the systems.
Timelines and response
To avoid cyberattacks during video conferencing, the company is required to activate a
notification button on the various devices carrying out the process. As such, the button will raise
the alarm when somebody suspicious has accessed the conversation or the ongoing video
conference. This will help the security team to respond in time and elevate the individual from the
system (Hromi etl., 2015). Furthermore, there should be continuous monitoring of the network to
determine some of the individuals who try to access the services remotely using various
technological devices. This will help the company to reduce attacks by dealing with them on time
before any damage or destruction is caused to service delivery.
Best practices
Some of the security practices while carrying out video conferencing include having a
video conferencing policy in place. This will set boundaries in which users will carry out their
activities. Also, the media company is required to encrypt and decrypt its video calls using the
128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protection. This helps in encrypting and decrypting
all video calls, which will be taking place in the systems of the organization. Checking security
signs of the organization is the other key item that will make the organization to discover some of
the inherent vulnerabilities in the company thus providing a long-lasting solution. As such, the
management of the company will follow and truck most of its security activities, reducing security
challenges affecting the company.
System integrity checks
The company needs to incorporate a series of security checks to help in controlling the
number of people accessing video conferences. Just to mention, the company is supposed to
activate their systems to use single sign-on SSO for authentication purposes. This technique helps
to reduce the chances of losing credentials or exposing them to be stolen. Important to note, SSO
allows system users to track and control all their video conferencing systems. Also, incorporation
of the 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protection will help the company to secure
all of its video conferences (Laratta & Mekongo, 2015). Just to mention, 128-bit encryption
security is a stringent security measure that helps video conferencing systems to use a 128-bit key
to encrypt and decrypt video calls taking place in various systems and organizations. If the
company considers incorporating all the aspects above, it will be able to offer high-end services
that will help it to grow and develop in the technological and media industry. Importantly, the
company will be able to run several most of the services efficiently and conveniently.
Conclusion and recommendations
In conclusion, video conferencing is an essential aspect of every organization. In the
current world, technological growth and advancement have impacted several activities and issues
to a very large extent (Calefato & Ebert, 2019). Video conferencing is one of the aspects that have
been improved to enhance communication and meetings in various organizations and companies.
Through them, companies can run online meetings and conferences, which are essential to the
company. As such, companies have remained focused and committed to offering great services to
their customers. for the team to have a productive and enjoyable videoconferencing sessions, it’s
recommended that they have in place a professional and experienced information and systems
team that is consistently checking on the functionality of the program. Just to mention, the team
will be headed by the chief of information security officer. The team will help in responding
appropriately concerning given issues raised from the videoconferencing program.
Calefato, F., & Ebert, C. (2019). Agile Collaboration for Distributed Teams [Software
Technology]. IEEE Software, 36(1), 72-78.
Hromi, J., McDonough, J. C., Bisikalo, D., & Stern, H. R. (2015). U.S. Patent No. 9,124,572.
Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
Khlif, N., Masmoudi, A., Kammoun, F., & Masmoudi, N. (2017). Secure chaotic dual encryption
scheme for H. 264/AVC video conferencing protection. IET Image Processing, 12(1), 4252.
Laratta, D., & Mekongo, Y. (2015). Web Conferencing for Business.
Table 1: Implementation cost analysis
Cisco WebEx
$25 per month
10 users
$40 per month
30 users
$70 per month
100 users
$20 per month
10 users
(Calefato & Ebert,
10 users
$35 per month
25 users
$50 per month
100 users
$20 per month
20 users
$30 per month
50 users
(Calefato & Ebert,
Figure 1: Videoconferencing architectural diagram
Diagram illustrating how video conferencing works (Calefato & Ebert, 2019).

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