Case study Instructions is given in the ppt file. need 2 pages, Please go through it. I attached the additional links to read in word file and two pdf file to read it too. 
Complete the following Case Study Assignment:
Youve been working at a Pharmaceutical company for the past three years and have been asked to develop a New Manager Training program. You were able to present your curriculum design to senior leadership at their monthly Leadership Team meeting and they were extremely supportive and enthusiastic about the future of new leader training at your company. Congratulations. 
The Learning Objective of your program are the following:
1. Gain knowledge and understanding of organizational processes, approaches, philosophies, and culture
2. Review core responsibilities of a leader including coaching, development, feedback, and evaluation of employees
3. Build self-awareness related to your strengths and areas of development based on 360 feedback.
4. Identify an action plan for continued learning and self-development that will contribute to your growth as a leader
The leadership team has high hopes for the program and asked you to determine metrics for your training program, and how you will measure the impact of your program. Please submit the PowerPoint presentation you will give senior leadership at next months meeting describing your plan to evaluate this program.  

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