Course Project Part II
The interviews that you completed in Week 3 (that is attached)provide background information for your course project to be submitted in this assignment. To support your work, you will also include a literature review. You will need at least three scholarly journal articles. You can use the articles that you referenced in previous weeks’ readings and assignments, or you can search for articles from Online Library for your literature review. A literature review can be just a simple summary of the sources, but it usually has an organizational pattern and combines both a summary and a synthesis.
In your literature review:

Write a short summary (one to two paragraphs) for each article.
Write a brief analysis (one to two paragraphs) for each article and relate each analysis to your course and text readings.
Make a connection, if possible, to the interview process and your own evaluation of each interviewee.

When researching information for your literature review, you also will need to incorporate one or more of the following factors to relate with the interviewees’ evaluations:

Similarities and differences between development according to gender, ethnicity, and socially derived groups
Age-appropriate and socially constructed milestones
Impact of interpersonal factors (e.g., social roles and relationships) during early and middle adulthood
The nature of stress, coping, and resistance in the context of gender
The importance of gender identity in the context of work

Develop your final project in a 4- to 5-p age Microsoft Word document written in APA format, including the following sections:

A title page
An abstract (summary of the course project)
An introduction section including:

An introduction to gender development and identity based on your course and text readings
The purpose of the p aper

A literature review section including:

A review and analysis of the scholarly journal articles
An understanding of how gender theories apply to the interview responses and a comparison with your own responses (identifying the theories)

A methods section including:

The proposed participants and age groups (without any personal information)
The questions used
The setting (one-on-one interviews)

A results section including:

General information, such as the setting (time and place) of the interviews
Answers to the demographic and interview questions
Applicable quotes from the interviewees that highlight your analysis

A discussion section including:

An analysis of gender development and the identity of each of the individuals interviewed
A comparison of the interviews
An examination of central themes in gender development and identity (e.g., early learning about gender, influence of gender on roles and decisions, transitions, conflicts, challenges, etc.)
Concluding remarks regarding the interviews

A references section

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