InstructionsWe’ve talked about Taking a Stand in writing this week. In DQ1, I asked you to think about what that means to you. For this week’s written assignment, I’d like to you take a stand on a short topic of your choosing, and do your best to persuade me to see it your way. It can be any topic you like, even something as simple as what flavor of ice cream is the best, or what breed of dog is the best. Any topic will work fine, as long as it is NOT your final paper topic.Use all the elements of persuasion that you feel would work best to persuade me: logic, practical information, facts, reasoning. Start out with a thesis statement, telling me what you’re arguing for. I’m not asking for you to conduct research for this assignment, unless you want to. Pick something that’s pretty basic, and just go! HOWEVER, if you do conduct research, and if you do utilize any information that you are quoting or paraphrasing from sources – you MUST provide citations and references. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you plagiarize, you will receive NO credit. Turn in this paper with at least two full pages of persuasive information. Follow the APA format, including citations and references if you have used sources. Have a little fun with this one, though….so I suggest just picking a topic and writing.

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