NO PLAGIARISM, 200 words only Using ONLY the sources available under one of the subheadings below, explain: (1) what kinds of sources we have to examine your chosen civilization; and (2) what the linked sources suggest were the most important developments in your chosen civilization. You can page through exhibits, databases, and articles if they are more than one page, but do not use outside sources to develop your points.Develop your initial post into several paragraphs totaling about 200 words. Be sure to include internal citations and directly reference the linked sources. Also, include a bibliography listing all of your consulted sources at the bottom of your post.Response Posts Instruction: Then put up 2 response posts to explain what gaps exist in our knowledge and what challenges researchers face when they study the pre-Columbian past. Use what you have read for this assignment and what your peers have posted to discuss: (1) what we know with some confidence, based on the linked sources; and (2) identify what we don’t know or what we are unsure about. Develop each of your response posts into at least 100 words each. Be sure to reference the linked sources by name. Include internal citations and a bibliography in each response post.Sources for Inca:Smithsonian ExhibitKhipu Database ProjectInca PotteryInca textilesInca architectureInca mummyInca agricultureGuanman PomaORSources for Cahokia:Designed landscapeCahokia artifactsburial moundsregional influencedecline of CahokiaORSources for Olmecs:Stone headsjade artifactswhite clay sculpturesstone blockstone block 2regional influence

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