Notice:The country I choose is Saudi Arabia and I decided to lunch a product which is Solar energy.Also do only Model 3 which is the file that I upload.Global Business Plan Project Overview Organizations conduct research to plan and implement a business idea.This project is designed to provide the foundation for an international business plan.These activities offer flexibility for many settings related to global business enterprises.The framework may be used for planning global expansion of an existing product or service, or may be used to research a new foreign business opportunity.Each module of this project is designed to gather information for one component of an international business plan. The final result of your global plan will include the following formats: a written report with supplementary tables and visuals. an oral presentation with visuals. Action steps: Choose a real or fictional company (should not be a large company)Choose a countryDecide whether to launch existing product/service to chosen country or whether to create a new product/service for chosen country Ultimately, from your action steps, you will be choosing one of the following options: Choose an existing company and launch an existing product to a country in which they are not currently operating.Choose an imaginary company and launch a product to your chosen country.Choose an existing company and launch a new imaginary product to a country in which they are currently operating. Table of Contents Phase 1 – Planning the Global Business Enterprise MODULE 1 – Analyzing International Competitors Identify domestic and international companies involved in similar business global business activitiesExamine geographic and economic factors that affect the business environment of a nationResearch social institutions, customs, traditions, and beliefs influencing businessResearch the influence of government and regulations on business activitiesSuggest objectives and an organizational framework for global business operationsIdentify specific attributes and customer benefits for a proposed international product or serviceRecommend a global pricing strategy based on costs, market demand, competition, and economic environmentSuggest potential criteria for global business accomplishments based on financial results and social contributions MODULE 2 – Assessing the Economic-Geographic Environment MODULE 3 – Assessing the Social-Cultural Environment MODULE 4 – Assessing the Political-Legal Environment PHASE 2 – Organizing for Global Business Activities MODULE 5 – Selecting a Global Company Structure PHASE 3 – Implementing the Global Market Plan MODULE 6 – Product and Target Market Planning for Foreign Markets MODULE 7 – Selecting an International Pricing Strategy PHASE 4 – Implementing the Global Market Plan MODULE 8 – Measuring International Business Success
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Global Business Plan Project
4. Accessing the Social-Cultural Environment
Learning Goals
1. To assess social and cultural influences of global business activities
2. To identify potential adaptations
A country’s business environment may be influenced by the importance of family, religious beliefs, and
demographic trends. In this module, your goal is to gain cultural and social awareness about the country
(or countries) you are considering for your global business opportunity.
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Global Edge CyberSite:
Business Around the World Atlas:
Conduct Research
Based on the country (or countries) you are analyzing for your global business enterprise, research
information related to the following areas:
Identify demographic trends (such as birth rates, literacy rates) that might influence business
activities in the country. (Lower birth rates result in an aging population with expanded demand
for health care.)
Discuss language, customs, traditions, and beliefs of the country. (Religious beliefs may make
the sale of certain products inappropriate in some countries.)
Analyze the influences of social institutions (family, church, labor organizations) on the business
culture. (In some countries, a strong tie exists between family and business.)
Describe informal trade barriers created by social and cultural factors. (Communication styles
and negotiating tactics vary around the world resulting in the need to adapt to the host
country’s culture.)
Prepare Summary
For your project, prepare a summary report consisting of the following components:
1. An overview of demographic trends that could influence global business activities.
2. A description of cultural factors, social institutions, and informal trade barriers that could affect
global business activities.
3. Recommend actions for existing companies or new enterprises that might be necessary when
considering the social and cultural environment of the foreign market. Provide evidence to
support your recommendations.

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