Introduction The purpose of this paper is to analyze your cross-cultural communication style in search of your potential as a communicator. By reflecting carefully on your strengths and weaknesses as a communicator you will identify areas that you might want to work on and discuss how you are going to improve your effectiveness in those areas. Directions Use the following framework when writing this paper. The typical length for this paper is 10 pages. Label all parts on paper: Part I, Part II and Part III. Write at least 3 pages for each section, any questions contact me ASAP. Part I General description of your cross-cultural communication style. Describe major sources of influence which have affected your cross-cultural style such as family background, educational background, age, gender, interaction with significant others, contrast with those from other cultures, etc. Discuss how your communication style reflects who you are (your self-concept) which has been established through interaction with others. For reference my background is: Mexican American, female, 33 yrs. old, and served in the military 12 years and currently retired and work from home. Part II Analysis of your communication style in specific situations. Select two cross-cultural contexts such as female-male, black-white, young-elderly or any other context that is important to you. You may also select those from other countries as a cultural context or those who are significantly different from you in other aspects of your life (e.g. religion, lifestyle, disability, etc.). For each of the two contexts you have chosen, describe your strengths and weaknesses (3 to 4 each). You may want to consider verbal/nonverbal skills, listening skills, conflict management, giving and receiving feedback, creating a supportive communication climate, relational skills such as self-disclosure or active listening, etc. Focus on those skills that are most relevant to your strengths and weaknesses. Be specific and concrete in describing your strengths and weaknesses. General statements such as “I’m a terrible listener” or “I’m great with people” are not adequate. Use behavior descriptions that include the following three elements: Who is involved?In what circumstances does the behavior occur (e.g. at work, at parties, when I’m tired, when we discuss a certain topic)?What specific behaviors are involved? (These descriptions should be as concrete as possible.) Give concrete examples of situations that illustrate your point. Describe some of the situations you were actually involved in, and where you think you were a very good and/or very poor communicator. Part III Discussion of your specific plans to improve your weaknesses. Now that you are more aware of your weaknesses as a cross-cultural communicator, you have a clearer idea about how you can improve your communication style or specific communication skills. Discuss how you would like to use the knowledge you have acquired during this term to improve your cross-cultural communication skills. What kinds of specific actions would you like to take to achieve your goals?Justify your action plans drawing on the theories and principles in cross-cultural communication.Be sure to write a statement of your action plan for each weakness that you have identified. Cover page and reference lists are required if any references used, and do not count toward your total page count. All papers should be double spaced, 12 point font, with 1” margins on all four sides. Any questions contact me ASAP.

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