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To:  Amy  Carleton  
Date:  December  7,  2017  
RE:  Project  3  Context  Memo:  Faster  Future:  1G,  2G,  3G,  4G,  and  …  5G  
For  the  explainer  assignment,  I  chose  to  write  about  the  telecommunication  technology,  
because  the  topic  is  hot  everywhere  in  the  past  few  years.  For  instance,  mobile  carriers  
constantly  try  to  convince  users  that  they  have  the  best  technologies  in  their  hands.  They  
all  advertised  that  their  networks  were  almost  ready  for  the  next-­‐generation  5G  systems.  In  
addition,  it  seems  that  many  of  my  friends  have  heard  of  5G.  They  all  know  that  something  
faster  would  be  coming  soon.  Unfortunately,  when  I  asked  whether  they  understood  the  
fundamentals  of  the  systems,  almost  no  one  could  give  me  answer.  I  also  chose  my  topic  
due  to  my  interest  in  digital  communication  and  signal  processing,  the  areas  that  I  focus  on.    
Before  writing  this  article,  I  looked  online  to  collect  the  ‘right’  information  from  different  
sources.  To  my  surprise,  I  found  that  I  misunderstood  many  concepts  of  how  each  
telecommunication  generation  works.  I  found  one  good  source  with  beautiful  illustrations  
from  one  big  mobile  chip  manufacturer,  Qualcomm.  It  provided  me  a  very  clear  picture  on  
how  the  system  worked  and  gave  me  an  intuition  on  how  I  should  translate  technical  
languages  to  general  audiences.  I  have  collected  information  from  each  generation  
separately.  After  I  collected  them,  I  tried  to  find  the  transitions  between  them.  
The  target  audience  of  this  article  is  for  people  who  are  interested  in  technology  in  general.  
I  expect  the  article  to  be  in  the  two-­‐column  basic  technical  magazine  format,  which  I  have  
mocked  it  in  my  submission.  I  hope  the  article  is  suitable  for  those  who  routinely  read  IEEE  
Spectrum,  a  magazine  for  general  audiences  who  are  interested  in  technology.  The  article  
does  not  require  any  prior  knowledge  in  digital  communications.  At  the  same  time,  I  try  to  
make  the  article  approachable  and  not  boring  for  them.  As  I  talked  to  Amy,  I  had  inserted  
many  historical  anecdotes  and  examples  along  the  way  from  the  start  point  to  the  end  
point.  Those  anecdotes  must  be  topics  that  most  of  people  share  common  experiences.  
They  are  getting  more  important  at  the  halfway  of  the  article,  as  people  might  get  lost  
there.  I  decided  to  insert  a  Steve  Job’s  announcement  on  iPhone  3G  to  better  visualize  the  
3G  era.  Moreover,  I  have  created  some  illustrations  by  my  own,  hoping  they  can  clarify  
some  confusing  ideas,  such  as  FDMA  and  TDMA.  
As  I  wrote,  I  found  that  there  were  many  important  ideas  that  the  readers  should  know  if  
they  really  wanted  to  understand  the  subject.  At  the  end,  I  decided  to  insert  most  of  
important  topics  into  my  article.  Due  to  a  massive  amount  of  information,  a  good  strategy  is  
to  make  significant  words  bold,  so  that  the  readers  can  catch  eyes  on  them  and  do  not  get  
lost.  The  by-­‐product  benefit  is  for  those  readers  who  just  want  to  skim  through  and  read  
only  the  parts  they  want  to  read.  
All  in  all,  I  hope  that  the  article  at  least  clarifies  the  difference  between  telecommunication  
technologies  and  delivers  the  right  information  to  the  readers.  At  the  same  time,  I  expect  
the  readers  to  enjoy  historical  anecdotes  and  developments  of  telecommunications.  I  also  
hope  they  appreciate  their  smartphones  and  the  technology  behind  them  even  more.  

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