it should be 13 pages, the outline is a RPG game on attached file. You need to extend the contents by the attached outline.
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Game title: Lost Gems
Dramatic elements
Lost gems is a role-playing game (RPG). The game is a mind in trudging and breathtaking game. The game is based on an ancient setting and therefore appealing to the players. The
players themselves will take the role of the game’s characters.
Main story
This is an adventure-based game. There is a land which has five countries the names are
Venice, Rostock, Lorient, Fogel and Seymour and a god’s altar in the center of the land which
protects the land. Each country has an elemental gem, these gems help countries to suppress the
monsters. There is an ancient tribe that lives in the jungle. The tribe has individual beliefs and
different races. An elderly has a prophecy that their god’s altar will be destroyed by an evil spirit
and the five gems will be broken, the land will full fill of the monsters. Several brave people
begin to collect all the gems and defeat the evil spirit.
Various characters in the game are the community’s select. Each of the characters has
unique abilities.
Tyrant – extremely powerful, ambitious, skilled in weaponry and casts
darkness spells, boss
Wizard – casts all kinds of spells, skilled in weaponry
Monk – proficient in the use of swords, wise hence outsmarts enemies in tough
Game design
Relationships – the game is played by one or two players, the player can choose one career
at the beginning. The relationship between the five major countries is not good.
Objectives – the gamer’s primary goal is to collect all gems, i.e., saving the altar, and fight
with the evil spirit. Five gems are broken by the devil spirit, hence, players need to find a way to
fix them. The secondary aim is to finish the branch tasks and know-how to the combination of the
skill to fight with different enemies.
Conflicts – there are five elements which are wind, wood, fire, water, and mental which
are restraint each other.
Outcome – the winning conditions for the game are not easy. The player needs to collect
the five gems and defeat the devil spirit.
How the game proceeds – The five gems broke into several pieces, which fall into
monsters and make monsters stronger if the player wants to get a piece of the gem who must beat
the monster. Maybe broken pieces are hidden in the dust, the player needs to explore to find them.
The game starts by choosing a career from warrior, swordsman, wizard. Players come out from
the tribe and they get money and skill points by beating down monsters. Players can also get
additional items by knocking down monsters. When the player beats a boss, the player can get a
chest that has weapons, items, and money. When the player gets one gem, there is task will show
that the player needs to find one way to fix the gem and the player will find an artisan from a small
village who can remodel the gem. After the player finds the required materials, the artisan can fix
it and the player can use the power of the gem to fight the enemies.
More things in the future: We think we can finish the writing well since we have already had a
world frame, the more we need is about details such as the types and names of weapons or items.
The funny part is how to use the power of gems and create a combination of the skills. We think
we can do these. The way to grade our content is about whether the game background is good and
whether the story plots are good.

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