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Ian M. Dynham
Chenyu Ouyang
BUS 0450-01
Apple Using Sustainable Material to Growing Business
Follow our environmental worse and worse every day, and that makes our motherland
earth protest to us like “climate change” this is a warning to us. If we still not care about it, the
earth will give us greater punishment, so people realize and then start to take action to protect
our planet. First is the agreement country to countries such as The Paris Agreement and the
Cap and Trade system. Second is the nations make their environmental policy apply to their
domestic situation. For example, in California, the US has the California Environmental Quality
Act(CEQA) to supervision the companies’ effect on the company. The third step is the company
to respond to the environment act, such as to use clean energy, and use the recycle material
and avoid to use the harmful substance.
Follow the environment protection policy more and more restricted. A lot of companies
start a step to the next stage makes the “green product” some high technology companies
beginning to take action, for example, Apple Inc starts using the recyclable energy and
recyclable material to make their products. Follow my current research, I found Apple Inc did
something to protect the environment. In the meantime, they make more revenues.
I want to start the most inconspicuous to begin my paper, which is the Apple product’s
package box. Apple, to make its package box unexpectedly created an eco-friendly standard,
this forest has 320,000 acres that approximately equal to the 19425 soccer court. This forest
supports all the product’s package paper. On the other hand, the designer of the package also
makes their packaging more and more “green.” In the iPhone 6s era, the phone’s package
plastic usage had one third in the total weight. Time to the iPhone 7 era, the package design
was more developing in the whole case; the plastic usage only has one ten of the total weight,
also the fiber usage less 40%. compare to the last generation. Move to the current generation
iPhone 11′ s package was extreme eco-friendly; in the whole package, the plastic usage less to
5% rest of them are fiber. On another hand, the design of the iPhone’s package box shows
Apple’s sprite to the eco-friendly, on its top of the package on had an iPhone picture on their
and nothing else and the color of the bag either white or black. That’s very sample and shows
the eco-friendly. Led the customer to think less is more. Apple has advertising said “bigger and
bigger” t than the mean’s their phone becomes bigger. Still, in another way, the phone is less
and less, which is the packaging material. They use less material to make a better package and
save more money.
Second is Apple Inc using 100% clean energy in the global market, which means include
China, United Kingdom, India, and the United state, etc., total 43 countries Apple store, Office
and Datacenter already using clean energy for their electricity. That’s not all; Apple also invests
in the hydroelectric project in the serval centuries are China, Japan, Singapore, and the
domestic United States. I have to say they are so smart to invest in hydroelectric projects. For
example, in China, Apple Inc fund six wind and solar power planet that’s help China solve
emissions issues; in the meantime, Apple can sell this power to the government to make some
revenue. In the same Apple inc had the same project in the other five countries, they did the
same thing as in China did they also can make so revenue. Although Apple’s power generation
differs has a big gap that they spend, this investment can be copied, and every country will
welcome this invest; this can help the country solve the emission problem and offer jobs, so it is
double wins. Think about it Apple Inc step by step increase their clean power industry one day
they can recover what they spend even they can make more power and sell it make more
money. Maybe they can drop the tech business transfer to the power company.
The third action is that Apple took using a lot of recycling material on the iPhone, which
brings them much revenue and saves lots of money; they’re brilliant about doing that. For
example, Apple can recycle the iPhone from its customer; for good condition’ s phone, they can
refurbish and resell it on the apple store, or they can break down to the part and make it
become the raw material to produce a new iPhones. Apple using serval different recyclable
materials on the iPhone, which are aluminum, copper, gold, palladium, silver, tungsten, Rare
Earth, and cobalt. For example every 100000’s iPhones could break 1900kg aluminum,0.97kg
gold, 7.5kg sliver, 11kg rare earth, 93kg tungsten, 0.1kg palladium, 710kg copper and 42kg
cobalt. These amount of material just from 100000 iPhones, but the fact is Apple recycle nine
million of iPhone, and one million of the iPhone will become the part, rest of them will back to
the market. Although only have one nine of the iPhone will become the parts to become the
material of the iPhone. However, the amount still very considerable; try to think in the future
all of our Apple products all product by old marital that’s will be fantastic.
Try to think to move the time ten years forward to 2030; at that time, I’ll having my children,
and when they buy an iPhone, and the iPhone’s material is from what I used to use, think about
it how cool is that. I can proudly tell my children, “what you used is what I’m Leftover.” That’s
very meaningful to do this and is very memorable. Everything is a circle. People buy the thing
and sell the item and buy something the new stuff is still using the martial what it used, and just
the iPhones’ shape changed. Back the time to recent, the latest iPhone only has 30% of the
martial are using by the recycle material. Still, I have to mention which is in 2018 the MacBook
Air already using 100% of the recyclable aluminum. I think this is a big step for Apple Inc,
although they still have a long way to run.
On the other hand, for the economy view to see it, According to the data on Google shows
Apple each year can make 6 million dollars on the copper and 40 million dollars on the gold,
which means they recovery 46 million dollars by changing the martial to the recyclable
materials. Apple using the recycle material, is very smart. First, they make their products meet
the government’s policy. Second, they take advantage of that though the process makes the
revenue. Third, they accumulated a good reputation from the public.
Having an excellent recyclable material is way not enough, that also needs a unique
machine to disassemble that useful recyclable material. From the old iPhones or other Apple
products, so the great Apple company innovates the disassemble machine name “lima,” this the
first generation of the disassemble machine which lays the Apple recycle machine’s
infrastructure. The first generation of the Lima is a single Robert hand like the movie “Iron
Man” Tony Stark’s Robert helper, but clearly, Lima doesn’t as effective as Tony Stark’s Robert
hand. The Lima 1.0 only can disassemble one series of iPhone and need to take 12 minutes to
remove only one iPhone. So Apple upgrades the Lima to the 2.0 vision is much bigger than the
1.0 and much effective than the Limit 1.0 but still has the disadvantage didn’t fix, which is it’s
only can disassemble one series of iPhone. So the smart Apple engineer realizes that the Lima
even not meet iPhones’ disassemble demand, so they innovated an all-new disassemble Robert
name “Daisy.” Daisy is much smaller than the Lima; it only has one-third of the length of the
lima, and it works much effective than lima; it can disassemble 200 iPhones each 60 mins. Also,
Daisy can remove various iPhones at the same time; that’s much smarter than Lima. Apple also
costs lots of money to build a lab use to research how to more effectively extract the martial
from the old apple product and make the material more sustainable. People say apple stoped
the innovation, but in my view, I don’t think so; they just put more change on the detail of the
product and the service; they just put more consideration to the back of the iPhone but not
only the the the surface. I think one day the world of the people will see it.
As the above said, Apple has the right recyclable materials and the right technology to
supports that, so the final step is to use a good sales strategy to coordinate. Then these three
elements can corporate perfectly. Since 2016 Apple offers, the Trade-in Program loved by their
customers cause people can give the old device( iPhone, MacBook, and iPod) give back to Apple
and Pay the difference. Then Apple will provide the customer with the latest model iPhone or
what customers like Apple’s products. Depend on the device on the customer’s hand, Apple
also will offer different prices to trade-in. Apple uses this strategy stimulated customers to want
to change new apple products, and they can also get the raw material( old Apple device) from
their customers, so they don’t need to worried about losing the recyclable material for the
recycling industry. Apple uses this three-step to make a close green market “Produce—sell—
trade in —produce.” In the perfect of this model in the future, if Apple produces the new
product, they don’t need to use any of the original material, and every element can be used and
use again.
In conclusion, I think Apple is a great company, no matter its products are good or bad.
Still, they’re diligently from the material they used I can see they believe in protecting the earth
is a responsibility, but not a task. They also have a big picture of the future from their
investment in clean energy and sustainable forest. I can see they have ambitious for the future,
and they want to be the leader in the future.
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