Module 8 AssignmentIn the past few modules, you’ve worked on articulating your own statement of beliefs, your WHY, to use Sinek’s terminology. For your final project, you will be deploying your WHY statement as you respond to two case studies. CASE STUDY: the group project, you should have chosen a partner to work with. A list of the case studies can also be found in the course resources module.Instructions for this AssignmentFor this assignment, choose one of the following business world case studies: One of you take the WHY position, and your partner will take the HOW position. Together, you will craft a solution for the case study’s problem and briefly articulate how to implement the changes you suggest.I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR THE HOW POSITION OF THIS GROUP PAPER
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Do you own a piece of clothing from Abercrombie & Fitch? Well let me tell you about the old
CEO. His name is Mike Jeffries. Before he got fired, he severed as the CEO for 11 quarters.
Abercrombie & Fitch is only in certain malls, if you ever walked past one you will only see
skinny people on the billboard for advertising. Why is that? Mike Jeffries believe that only cool
kids in school and skinny attractive people can were his clothing. Normally when you have a
popular brand (such as POLO, Tommy Hilfiger and etc.) the clothing is going out of styles the
CEO will first try to sale it at a lower price, but if that doesn’t work they take it to a donating
place. You would think Mike Jeffries have the same idea as the other CEO’s, but he decides that
we want to burn the clothes instead. Mike says the clothes aren’t welcome to the homeless nor
people that wears in L, XL, or XXL. WHY? Subsequent to seeing an image of Mike Jeffries, it
must be presumed that he was never around gorgeous individuals as a child and is presently
compensating for the glitzy youth he wishes he had. Jeffries has been hermitic for a considerable
length of time. He never truly joined retail gatherings or went to mold shows, and he isn’t known
for magnanimity. He now and again avoided the organization occasion gathering, and he once in
a while talks with columnists. In late April, he consented to a 15-minute meeting on the grounds
to show how the organization was advancing. A&F as of now had gained notoriety for
beforehand questionable activities, for example, racially hostile shirts. Beginning as of now with
a negative notoriety may have prompted the emergency heightening quicker than it may have
something else. Abercrombie is likewise changing the dance club stylish of its stores to make
them progressively open, light, and welcoming. The organization is evacuating the dull screens
(demonstrated as follows) from its windows to let in progressively light, cutting back the volume
on its store music, and decreasing controlled cologne spritzing inside its stores. To the extent
shopping center product goes, you’re obviously better off purchasing a couple of pants at
Abercrombie than you are at a H&M, or some other “quick style” bonanza. There’s a
consideration regarding producing that you can find in the apparel, a significant differentiation
with regards to your financial limit. Abercrombie isn’t that terrible. The attire is all around made,
and as long as it’s free of the logos, and it fits, there’s nothing amiss with it. Certainly, you need
to filter through many poop pieces to discover something worth purchasing, yet it appears as
though they’ve gotten the reminder on all that. They’ve seen the blunder in their manners, and
they can turn it around.

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