MEMORANDUMWHAT:Business Law Research ProjectDATE:Monday, November 11, 2019SUBJECT:Employment Discrimination/Wrongful Termination_____________________________________________________________________The topic for your research project is Employment Discrimination/Wrongful Termination. You are to find a recent (within last five years) case where an employee or potential employee has sued for employment discrimination/wrongful termination. It doesn’t matter whether the employee or potential employee won the case. Look in newspaper or magazine websites/articles. Also, the websites for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (, the Department of Labor (, and the National Labor Relations Board ( are good starting points. You will need at least two research sources, so you may want to find a case that had some publicity. Answer the following questions:Background Facts What discrimination/wrongful conduct is the employee claiming? What evidence does the employee have to support the claim? What defenses, if any, does the employer have?Discrimination/Wrongful Termination What law(s) may cover the discrimination/wrongful conduct being claimed?  What makes the discrimination/wrongful conduct prohibited (or not)? Is the employer covered by the applicable law? Is the employee covered by the applicable law(s)?Outcome What was the outcome of the case? (verdict, settlement, etc.)Your Thoughts Discuss whether you agree or disagree with the result and why.Requirements Minimum of two (2) research sources Typed Cite all sources usedDue: Friday, December 6, 2018

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